IN A FEW DAYS, we'd say goodbye to the year 2022 and welcome a hopeful 2023.

Every year, we make an evaluation of the past year and a forward resolution for the incoming years.

Definitely, we may agree that the current pandemic has dampened our collective free spirit, put some bondage to our dreams and curtailed our expectations.

With the encouraging forecast by health experts that this malady may soon be commonplace or endemic, we will now anchor our plans just like in the pre-pandemic period, with give-and-take modifications.

We lament the fact that we've been greatly troubled and disabled (our mobility, that is) in our way of life, business and profession but we belabor the fact that we have survived this harrowing experience in our lives.

AS the year ends, we still need to count our blessings and remember our dear departed loved ones. For me, they were the best part of our lives and the mere though of them keeps me going.

* * *

Much-deserved basic pay. We have praised them and honored them as modern-day heroes, These are the medical and security frontliners who gave unselfishly their precious hours of service to us people affected by the pandemic and disasters.

Now, they are claiming for a baci pay they so richly deserve and the government should favorably consider and act on

their request for a P33k basic pay.

Previously, we have given members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and nurses pay hikes commensurate to the degree of service they render.

Also much earlier, teachers have claimed increases in their entry pay but I am not sure if their request was granted. They too deserve to be given the break and the raise they have long awaited. They too render as effective a public service as the others.

We are all deluged by ever-increasing prices of basic goods and services and increases in basic pay should tide us over these trying times. We struggle to keep us alive and we hope we could weather the "storms" for the year and the next.