“BAK-IT” is a Hiligaynon word that denotes the removal of cooked food from the hearth or fire-place.

It could also be an idea of being able to detach oneself from certain circumstances and be able to see the context/s of it in a larger perspective is one of the things that defines the artist’s capacity to discern.

Like a pot being taken off the fire, the act of detachment offers a myriad of possibilities for artists to overcome, analyze, express, and discover their humanity by translating it through their own distinct creative practices.

The new generation of artists were molded and guided by senior members with different identities and craftsmanship to become more mature and passionate about their mediums.

The group initiated major exhibitions this year and had difficulties in moving artworks to major cities and galleries due to health restriction of covid 19 task force.

Instead, the group focused on nurturing the new generation with a series of webinar discussion and criticism of their works due to Pandemic fatigue and coronavirus (Covid-19) burn out in 2022.

A back-to-back exhibit with John Paul Castillo, his second solo show. Edmar Colmo made performance art during the opening exhibits.

Other feature artists are Arnold Almacen, Edmar Colmo, Giah Delos Reyes, Junjun Duarte, Kimpoy Dela Cruz, Raji Alvarado, Rey Haro Buenaventura and Steve Magbanua.

Exhibit started on December 10 until January 10 next year at Puluy-an Art Gallery in Brgy. Bita Sur, Oton, Iloilo. (PR)