Child prodigy shares story of success, persistence


Greatness doesn’t happen overnight. It needs coaxing and dedication for it to materialize. Matthew Lim, a child mathematics prodigy is a testament of dedication and consistency, being a precursor of success in whichever path one chooses to take.

Matthew Lim is 13 years old and studies at Philippine Science High School. He is inclined in a plethora of things: mathematics, science, computer programming, and playing the piano.

When asked what draws him to math above all things, Matthew contends that the beauty of the subject lies in the art of its process. “Math is a technical subject but there’s also a sort of beauty in it. There is a more interesting and personal side to it. It’s akin to music in a sense.”

Math is a catharsis for Matthew. He claimed that it is more than just the technicalities that draws him to the subject. He admires the creative ways there is to solve a problem, wherein the process is the most important aspect.

Matthew has always rooted his inspiration to things that make him curious. Because of this, he has actively been pursuing competition both local and international ones.

Among the competitions he has been a part of, the most notable ones are World International Mathematical Olympiad, Australian Math Competition, and the Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad. For Science, he also took part in the Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad and the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad.

Matthew also took part in the Steinway Piano Youth Competition and accompanied Sharon Cuneta and Lani Misalucha in a show.

Matthew also writes, atop of the skill set he has under his belt. As young as 10, he began writing letters to SunStar Cebu and was able to tackle poignant write-ups that honed his writing skills better.

As an inspiration to the Cebuano youth, Matthew shared: “The world is a big place. In every corner, there lies stories and lessons to learn. We, human beings, walk on this Earth for only a short time. One’s life is wasted when one cannot look inward out, not being able to explore the beauty of learning that awaits them.”

He urged the Cebuano youth to grow despite the challenges presented to them. “I say, grow. Learn about the science of life, how the universe works, the mathematics of things, the beauty of patterns, the advancement of technology, the sophistication of programming languages, and the potential that lies within you. We are merely a seed under a rich soil waiting for ourselves to be watered so we may become a forest.”

Matthew’s youthful vigor serves as an inspiration to many; being young should not be a hindrance but a catalyst to do better and be better for the future generations to come.


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