IN THE tradition of its erotic thriller smash hits, Vivamax proudly presents Kara Krus, a film by GB Sampedro that promises to astound the audience yet again with its steamy scenes and shocking revelations.

Denise Esteban, from the highest streamed Vivamax series High on Sex, portrays two extremely different roles: Adela, a domesticated and doting wife and mother; and Lena, the wild and aggressive “twin sister.”

Denise is supported by Adrian Alandy, who plays as Adela’s lawyer husband, Marvin; and Felix Roco, who plays Jacob, Lena’s old flame.

The moment Lena shows up, Adela’s peaceful life is disturbed. At night, Lena goes out for some sexual escapade until she bumps into Jacob. Jacob is powerless to resist Lena’s seduction, but somehow, he senses that something is not right.

Meanwhile, Adela is also showing some changes in her personality. Marvin is surprised at how his wife has become libidinous. Their lovemaking has never been more exciting than what he is experiencing now.

Soon, a series of murders starts to take place in their community and Marvin is tasked to handle the case. Thus, his search for the truth begins.

Does Lena have anything to do with it? Is there anything Adela can do to protect her twin sister?

Denise Esteban is so excited to do this movie project as evident in her Instagram stories. This is the fourth time for the actress to star in a project directed by the award-winning GB Sampedro. Aside from High on Sex, they’ve worked together in Kinsenas, Katapusan and Doblado.

Kara Krus is now streaming on Vivamax starting November 4, 2022. It also stars Ali Asistio, Manu Respall, Ali Khatibi, and Joko Diaz. (PR)