FRIENDS that get high together could fall together. It’s never a pretty sight, but see how the brilliant director Brillante Mendoza created a movie out of this sad reality in “Alapaap” that is streaming on Vivamax.

Josef Elizalde, Katrina Dovey, Ali Asistio, Andrea Garcia, Cheska Paredes, and Luke Selby complete the cast of friends who experience hallucinations because of substance abuse while on a trip. As they can no longer identify what is real and what is not, how can they still snap out of this situation? What made them turn to drugs in the first place?

Josef Elizalde plays Erik Bengzon, a filmmaking student who is eager to finish his thesis and graduate soon. His parents, both doctors by profession, are not happy about his chosen field of study, thus resulting in their constant disagreements.

Katrina Dovey plays Antonette Mercado, an only child to a former congressman and a socialite. At a young age, she witnessed her father’s suicide. She carries that trauma, and one would think that her mother would be there to help her through it, but Mrs. Mercado has detached herself from Antonette and everyone.

Ali Asistio plays Paul Plana, a spoiled brat son of a high-ranking police officer. He helps Erik with his thesis, and supplies drugs to him and their peers. Paul is a drug user himself.

Luke Selby plays Adolf Fuller, Paul’s cousin from America who is in town for a vacation. He just goes with the flow, not even resisting the drugs handed to him. He is a closet queen and he is infatuated with Erik.

Andrea Garcia plays Cathy Delgado, Paul’s girlfriend who is bisexual. She is having a secret affair with Joyce. She comes from a broken family.

Chesca Paredes plays Joyce Amores, a lesbian. Orphaned at a young age, she was raised by her grandmother who is a devout catholic. She is fine being Cathy’s secret lover.

Angela Morena plays a crucial role as the subject of Erik’s short film.

Follow these drug-dependent friends as they escape to a place where a local tribe and shamans exist. Will these problematic ones ever be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality in “Alapaap”?

Brillante’s no-script style of filmmaking was in force in this movie and newcomer British actor Luke Selby shared in an interview how scared he was at first. But the workshop he had with the director helped. His co-stars are all familiar faces to Vivamax viewers, and it’s going to be fun to see how the actors jive together. “Alapaap” is directed by young filmmaker Freidric Macapagal Cortez.

“Alapaap” is now streaming on November 18, 2022. Go to or download the app and subscribe via Google Play Store, App Store, or Huawei App Gallery. PR