Pangan: This season, remember the elderly

EXPECTED to be lost in the merriment of the holiday season is the attention and care for the seniors and elderly as the younger members of families are engrossed in activities befitting their stature and age.

It is encouraging, therefore, to hear of the measure being initiated by Manila Representative Bienvenido Abante, Jr., for the establishment of a geriatric hospital and give more benefits for senior citizens.

For years, the government has not adequately provided for the care and health of its senior citizens, most of whom are willing to work further and be not solely dependent on the other members of the family.

Congressman Abante noted the findings of the Longitudinal Study of Aging and Health in the Philippines (LSAHP) that showed Filipinos aged 60 and above are far less healthy and economically secure than the younger, working age Philippine citizens.

Indeed, there are several senior Filipinos who are still able and willing to work or engage in productive activities if ever given the opportunity to do so rather than be indolent or bedridden most of the time.

Abante has filed House Bill No. 191 or the Geriatric Health Act that sets the parameters for the establishment of a National Center for Geriatric Health and Research Institute. He premised the measure with having served as productive members of society, the seniors have earned the right to rest, retire and live the remainder of their lives free from sickness and stress.

Truly, the senior citizens now in the twilight of their years deserve our attention and care before they pass to another life and the best way to achieve this is to consider their welfare as the rest of the family.

* * *

Meanwhile, the United Nation General Assembly has declared 2021-2030 as the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing.

We all will come to old age like the planet we live in. It is therefore proper to give respect to older people and not dismiss them outright as mere statistics, right?

Younger people call elder ones various names including the clang Thunders as if these young ones will not grow old themselves!


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