The Queen City of the Philippines moves onward and upward with its artists and creative minds. Its rich creative history—led by impressive literary figures like Vicente Sotto, and the National Artist Resil B. Mojares—proves the fact that Cebu is not lacking in talent.

The Visayas Art Fair first started in 2021. It was a historical undertaking to unite three regions—specifically Regions 6, 7 and 8—with the goal to show to the world the amazing prowess of Visayan arts and culture. The first installment was deemed a huge success, as it was well-received by the public.

This year, the Visayas Art Fair returned to give more local artists the avenue to present their works to the public. From Nov. 24 to 27, the three-day Visayas Art Fair in Oakridge Business Park was packed with talent as designers and artists from all over the Visayas came together to showcase their masterpieces.

The Visayas Art Fair is indeed the pinnacle when it comes to the celebration of Visayan art as it not only presents the best works from some of the most notable figures in the local arts and cultural scene but also serves as a reminder of what local talents can show to the world.

The art fair lined up a variety of activities, programs, and shows which aimed to showcase and preserve art for all generations to see and study, as well as encourage more Cebuano artists to carry the torch of the Cebuano culture by constantly creating.

One of the fashion shows that graced the event was the “Ukiyo: Floating World Fashion” show, designed and styled by the amazing power duo, Edward James Castro and Axel Que.

Their collection was modeled by the beautiful ladies of Origin Model and Artist Management, the agency that shaped and molded many of Cebu’s beauty queens such as Bea Luigi Gomez, Gazini Ganados and Tracy Maureen Perez.

The company celebrated its 10th anniversary of training and managing Cebuana beauty queens and models as well as propelling them to the national and international stage.

Showcasing utmost glamour, Castro’s and Que’s work is a testament of the creative dynamic of two of Cebu’s finest designers. Some of Cebu’s beauty queens were cladded and draped in their finest works as they strutted on the stage, embodying their artistry and bringing it to life on stage.

With the world slowly returning to its normal pace, enveloping everyone into a whole new sense of familiarity, Cebu is bouncing back harder than ever.