The red cape, the blue suit and the big “S” symbol (which is technically not the letter S but that’s for another story)—Superman has long been synonymous with “superhero,” and at this point in time, there is probably nobody who doesn’t know this character.

Because of his popularity, fans have become more critical with how Superman is portrayed on screen. Of course, favorites will inevitably be picked. Among these was the modern portrayal of the red-caped crusader by British actor Henry Cavill, whom fans have warmly welcomed and enjoyed.

Unfortunately on Dec. 15 (PH time), DC Comics fans from all over the world were devastated when Cavill revealed he will no longer play Superman in the DC Extended Cinematic Universe.

As a tribute, we dive into the five reasons why we love Henry Cavill’s Superman:

Cavill looked the part

Henry Cavill’s version is the only one that comes close to how the character looked like from the comic books. Superman has always looked like he’s wearing an incredibly skin-tight outfit on top of his Herculean build. Because of this, the “Big Blue Boyscout” had always exuded might and power every time he appeared in a panel. Cavill’s version perfectly captures this.

Cavill is an actual Superman geek

Cavill is a comic book reader and gamer at heart. He knows that not many are given the opportunity to portray Superman and how important this is to long-time DC Comics fans. He had repeatedly emphasized in his interviews that he wanted the best portrayal for both the fans and the character. Because of this, passion oozes from his portrayal every time he appears on screen.

Cavill’s version wrestled with ‘belongingness’

What makes Cavill’s Superman one of the most compelling versions was the idea of him fighting for a place in the world where he did not belong. Unlike the previous iterations of Superman, Cavill’s version was not entirely accepted by everyone. Some even saw him as a potential threat, causing others to manipulate this fear in order to further their agenda. He was a complete outsider, both to his home-world whom he had never been to, and to the world he has now inhabited.

Cavill’s Superman was the only version who ’died’

Cavill’s version was the only one that faced death head-on. Previous iterations weren’t able to achieve this feat because they were veiled with the idea that he was the “Man of Steel.” Fans were devastated at the end of “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” after Doomsday stabbed Cavill’s Superman, seemingly ending the Man of Steel’s life, proving that even he couldn’t escape the inevitable.

Cavill’s Superman is an official member of a version of Justice League

The idea of superheroes banding together to fight battles that they could never win alone has become so prevalent in the modern superhero films. Cavill’s Superman is the only version to belong in an official version of the “Justice League,” and has therefore deviated from “solo-flying.” Even appearing in cameos, Cavill’s version of Clark Kent has proven himself capable of team-play and helping his fellow superheroes.