Get to know Cebu’s beach boys, Sansette

It’s everyone’s favorite month again! But sometimes, happiness during holidays is not always sparkly and festive. For some of us, happiness is as simple as randomly stumbling upon a good band on the internet.

Sansette is a seven-piece band from Cebu that reminds you of sunny skies, campfires by the beach, summer flings and fun road trips. With its catchy tunes and forever-young music, it’s a constant reminder of summer paradise. The general mood of Sansette is that one playlist you have that switches among Jason Mraz, Boy Pablo or Jack Johnson.

The band describes its genre as a mix of indie pop and surf pop. It provides a unique nod to saxophone spontaneity and organic production, teasing the life of Cebu’s beach towns.

“What kind of sets us apart is probably our raw and organic style of playing live shows... Our songs are somewhat weird too, because they sound very acoustic, but they’re played by a seven-piece band,” the band said in an interview.

“Sansette was formed back in 2019. Some of us have been in a band since high school, and we used to just play cover songs,” it said.

There’s always something magnetic about long-time high school buddies who were brought together by a shared appreciation of music, who eventually decided to create a band.

“We realized at one point that we should try composing an original song—that song turned out to be ‘Sunburn,’” the band said.

This was the song that established its music identity in the scene. Since then, the band has released three other tracks and a song that features OPM icon Ely Buendia.

The band members also made it clear that they planned to release tracks with punchy guitar play styles and to dabble with synth pop in the future. This is a slight change from their usual beach romance vibe, but it’s still the same Sansette magic that transports listeners to a form of mellow escapism.

“Honestly, we just plan to keep doing what we’re doing now: Write songs and have fun playing them live. But in terms of timeline, we’re planning to release an album next year and probably more tours—fingers crossed,” the band expressed.

When asked about the meaning of its band name, the group said that it’s a wordplay for “sunset.”

“Sette means seven in some languages, we think, and we’re a group of seven so it’s kinda like ‘Sunset Seven’,” the band explained.

Aside from that, the members also explained the logo of the band which is firmly anchored from the local roots of Cebu.

“Sansette’s logo is a famous delicacy from northern Cebu—rosquillos, since we’re Cebuanos. Gab also kinda made it look like the sun, which is cool.”

Catch Michael, Gabriel, Jarren, Peter, Cris Adrian and Leonard at their local gigs some time soon. The music of Sansette reminds listeners that life definitely has its share of better days.


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