(Foreword: This is the continuation of our response to Quitchy Beech on her problems with memory recall.)

Dear Quitchy Beech,

Moving on, here are more quick tips for you to get your memories moving up and about.

6. Let your brain do some work.

Challenge your brain. Learn a new language, or guitar, or get some violin lessons. Or play strategy games or even crossword puzzles.

7. Socialize.

Studies have shown that those people who volunteer or keep up with their friends and family are more alert compared to those who isolate themselves.

8. Check your lifestyle.

Check your diet. Remember that if your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar are high, the blood vessels in and around your brain can be blocked and damaged eventually.

And according to a Harvard study, those who eat more saturated fat (found in meat and dairy products) do worse on memory tests than those who eat less. So better eat omega-3-rich fish, heart-healthy olive oil, and plenty of freshly produced products.

9. Keep moving.

Regular exercise promotes blood flow to your brain. Be sure to get 30 minutes each day.

10. Sleep regularly.

This helps your brain file memories so you can better get to them later on.

11. Stop smoking.

It damages your blood vessels, especially around the brain.

12. Cut down on drinking.

Studies show that heavy drinking mess up with your memory. But, I have some good news, though. Moderate drinking, which is no more than 1 drink per day for women or 2 for men might actually protect your memory cells.

Good luck!

Dr. Fritz

(Dr. Fritz Legarde Espedilla is an aesthetic dermatologist and surgeon and a clinical sexologist. For your questions, you may send them to Dear Dr. Fritz, c/o Sunstar-Davao Publishing Inc., Ebro-Pelayo Building, Juan Luna St., Davao City, or you e-mail them to dokfritz@yahoo.com. If you don’t wish your letter to be published, we regret that we cannot answer them. Thank you for your understanding)