The holidays are a perfect time to laze around the living room as one awaits the noche buena to finally be served. Christmas is one of those holidays that warrants us to drop everything work- or school-related, and sit back to enjoy the company of family. Movie marathons are a sure fire way to celebrate the season’s festivities in a cozy manner.

Here are four Christmas movies you and your family will definitely enjoy:

“Little Women” (2019)

The remake of the classic novel to film adaptation exudes all sorts of comfort. For many, “Little Women” directed by Greta Gerwig is a comfort film.

Apart from it being centered around family and sisterhood, it also explores the importance of placing value over intangible treasures like being with your loved ones in the holidays.

The film follows the March family (particularly Jo March, the headstrong second oldest sibling in the family) as they navigate the rudimentary motions of family life. It emphasizes the importance of the holiday spirit not in the fancy dinners one’s family prepares or the grand gifts that are to be received but in a person’s willingness to share their blessings to those who don’t have much in the holidays.

This is depicted in the movie when the March sisters kindly shared their Christmas breakfast to their neighbor who needed it.

“Home Alone” (1990)

When classic Christmas movies are brought up, “Home Alone,” is certainly not to be missed. It exudes the type of familiarity reminiscent of Christmases we’ve spent as children. The sheer excitement and mischief the holidays brings out the child in us, as seen in Kevin McCallister’s character.

“Home Alone” shows just how different children perceive the holidays. As adults, we are so entranced by the complexity of the world that we sometimes miss the true meaning of the holidays. We must always keep in our minds and in our hearts that Christmas is to be spent with loved ones, no matter how insufferable they sometimes are. Mindless quarrels are part of the holiday festivities, after all.

“Last Christmas” (2019)

Christmas rom-coms (romantic comedies) hit differently. In the movie, “Last Christmas,” Kate Aldrich, an aspiring singer meets a dashing young man named Tom Webster. Nothing is going right for Kate. She’s stuck at a dead-end job as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop and she’s still living with her parents.

Spending time with Tom fixes everything that is wrong in Kate’s life. She admires Tom for volunteering at a homeless shelter and later on starts doing the same as she develops a solidarity with the people from the shelter.

This quirky holiday film has you fooled for a minute, with the swoon-worthy exchanges between the two main characters. These moments are just a preamble to the twist in the end, which of course is better when you see it for yourself.

“How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (2000)

Not everybody is cut out for holiday revelry. Take it from the Grinch who hated the holidays with a burning passion. Unlike the Grinch, everyone in the fictional town of Whoville loved Christmas, especially six-year-old Cindy Lou.

Cindy Lou is saddened by the fact that every person in Whoville only loved celebrating the holidays because of the gifts and not because they are delighted to celebrate it with their loved ones. Cindy helps the Grinch to redeem himself as he was nominated as the “Holiday Cheermeister.”

The movie puts emphasis on placing value not on the material symbolism of Christmas but the personal relationships a person has. In the end, the Grinch outgrows his hatred of Christmas because of Cindy and tries to make amends with the people of Whoville, highlighting the significance of forgiveness especially in the holidays.

Christmas is just around the corner so make sure to keep warm and watch these holiday films with your family to fully feel the true meaning of Christmas: to have your home filled with laughter and cheer with your loved ones just right beside you.