The year 2022 is almost coming to an end, and we now have a new batch of online slang that has emerged throughout the world from the depths of the internet.

Some slangs are no-brainer. Sometimes, one can easily comprehend it from the get-go. Either way, here’s a semi crash course on the year’s favorite internet slang terms!


This one is simply another word for “appeal” or “charm,” like when you’re trying to impress or hit on someone. On TikTok, this slang is extensively used, like in the expression: “My rizz when I’m sober vs. My rizz when I muster up the liquor courage to approach someone.”


This is probably the most abused internet slang among young Filipino online users, introduced first by TikTok user, Chrishanna. It’s basically “for the” and “person.” English teachers, beware! Some kids are now having trouble spelling the following words. Yikes!

“W and L”

“Bro can’t take an L.” You certainly have heard this already from your “conyo” friends who use the slang phrase to talk about a person who couldn’t take a loss or accept defeat. “L” is just a letter for losing, while “W” is for—you guessed it—winning.

“You got ratioed”

In Twitter lingo, this is used to refer to someone who has been expressing the most controversial takes about something and the overwhelming majority of netizens disagree with them. Twitter users like to say this when the number of “quote retweets” or “replies” outnumbers the “retweets” and “likes.” When something similar occurs to you, be sure to cleanse your Twitter account, log off of the internet right away, and perhaps take a moment to contemplate deeply on why the online community almost “canceled” you for your oh-so-hot takes.


This one is self-explanatory, it’s just a shortened word for the Filipino phrase “anong gagawin?” or “what to do?” Use it however you please, especially during “lutang” or “sabaw” moments. It’s hilariously nonsensical to the point that we also don’t know the perfect response to this slang.

“Main Character”

If you heard this a lot from your circle of friends, it’s probably because you are one. Being a main character means being the “life of the party.” Be cautious, however, as some use this to criticize someone who is arrogant.

“Touch some grass”

People use this phrase to tell someone who spends too much time on their computers or playing video games to go outside and get back in touch with the real world.

“Understood the assignment”

It’s the twin slang of “slay.” When you “understood the assignment,” that means you prepared so well that you gave the task at hand your 100 percent. It’s a flattering compliment to receive, especially from the LGBTQ community whom you have impressed well with your outfit.

There are many more overused slang terms that you come across every day online. It’s up to you whether you ride on or dodge the silliness that permeates the internet community. Either way, it’s cool to be a part of the laughter.