DELFINGEN, a family company and a global automotive supplier, celebrates its long-standing presence in the country and continuously works to go over and beyond its function as an automotive distributor on a global scale.

Delfingen’s corporate foundation was created in 2007 with the mission to carry out the company’s actions in the territories where it is established.

These altruistic actions are based on the foundation’s four pillars: health, education, decent housing, and since 2017, accommodating for disabilities. These four directions are aimed at Delfingen’s employees and their beneficiaries in order to help them gain access to a dignified life, and also contribute to the preservation of the environment.

To celebrate its foundation day, Delfingen commemorated its presence in the province on Saturday, Dec. 17 in a foundation day ceremony. On the same day, an eye-screening activity also took place. Employees from Delfingen’s Cebu headquarters were offered free eye-screening tests alongside their beneficiaries.

Roberto Magali, the chairman of Delfingen Foundation Philippines, shared that one of the company’s main objectives is to take care of its worker’s well-being. The family company thrives off of making sure its employees are taken care of.

Apart from health-related initiatives, Delfingen also focuses on improving the state of our environment. The Delfingen foundation has an activity for the restoration of coral reefs affected by Typhoon Odette.

Damien Personeni, the executive vice president of Delfingen, stated that it is in the company’s primary responsibility to be employee-centered and understand its employees essential needs.

Santosh Paramel, the Asia Pacific operations director, contended that Delfingen Foundation’s targets to do the eye-screening tests annually to provide accessibility to eye care to its employees and their beneficiaries.