Pangan: The envelopes, please!

GREETING cards have all been sent, the Christmas rush is through... but the solicitation envelopes still keep on coming.

Perhaps to take advantage of the light-heartedness of people during the holidays some individuals take the chance to get extra money for, well, extra expenses.

In our subdivision, and perhaps in other areas, solicitations come from the usual fellows: maintenance crew, garbage collector and the security guards. It is understandable that in this period of stiff prices and runaway inflation, their salaries cannot come up to the needs of their families especially this holiday season.

But the happiest solicitors come from the ranks of politicians who can count on their favorite contractors who are always ready to hand out big, fat brown envelopes for their likewise favorite suki -the politicians - who have the say in farming out projects.

It has been customary in our culture to give out envelopes to particular recipients in the hope of getting sums of money for the solicitors.

Other benefactors consider soliciting as a way of sharing their excess funds for a cause.

Others consider it as an abuse of trust and worse, personal insult. Whatever maybe the reason for such solicitation, the burden of proving the cause for said solicitation rests with the solicitor.

In other areas, soliciting is taken as forbidden as there are signs at the gate stopping all kinds of solicitation.

* * *

There seems to be an issue on the Amnesty Program implemented in April 2017 by the Hausland Estate Management, Inc., on Fiesta Communities homeowners.

In a letter dated December 6, 2022, BOD Vice President Mar G. Montemayor and noted by BOD President DEnnis J. dela Cruz, stated that certain homeowners benefitted from the Amnesty Program of April 2017 regarding membership fees which they are required to pay upon occupying the housing unit at Fiesta Communities.

I leave it to the judicious decision of BOD VP Montemayor to address the various issues on the Amnesty Program.


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