INOCULATION against the Covid-19 virus will now be solely available in the district's health centers as Davao City dissolves its vaccination cluster.

This means that mobile vaccinations and vaccination hubs in malls had ceased operations, relegating the immunization campaign to the city’s 18 district health centers.

“Nagclose na mi atong December 30 apan tanan vaccination activity gi-endorse na namo sa City Health Office para himuon na sa kada district health offices (We closed on December 30 but we already endorsed all vaccination activities to the City Health Office to be done by each district health offices),” said Davao City Covid-19 Vaccination Program head Dr. Josephine Villafuerte during the Madayaw Davao program of the Davao City Disaster Radio on Wednesday.

“Ang vaccination naa na sa mga district health offices so naa sila'y schedule nga gihimo kada semana-- once a week (The vaccinations are now in the district health offices so they created a weekly schedule—once a week),” she added.

Since Davao City has already reached 100 percent vaccination rate and has only little work left to do in terms of administering booster shots to the pediatric demographic, dissolving the vaccination cluster is only pragmatic, said Villafuerte.

Though the city’s vaccination cluster will no longer be carrying out vaccination drives, its function as a vaccination certificate issuer will remain.

Vaccination certificates are still being issued in the Sta. Ana health center where the swabbing center was also recently closed to make room for the center’s intended function as a specialized health clinic for the elderly, children under five years old, and as a milk bank.

In addition, some malls will also be housing Vaccination certificate centers. VaxxCert issuance remains a function of the vaccination program as the document still serves as a travel requirement.

Though the city’s vaccination cluster is now dissolved, this does not mean the vaccination campaign will cease, Villafuerte said, especially since the vaccine has effectively reinforced the population’s immune system against the virus, rendering vaccinated patients with only “very mild” symptoms when infected.

The district health centers will simply add the Covid-19 vaccine to their list of health programs, Villafuerte added, as she urged Dabawenyos to avail of the vaccine in the districts as well as other health services and programs offered there, including pneumonia and flu vaccination.

City Health Office Acting Head Dr. Marj Culas told the City Information Office that people can get their primary COVID-19 vaccines or avail themselves of booster shots at the nearest district health center on Fridays, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CIO