The Sinulog Festival will push through at the South Road Properties (SRP) on Sunday, Jan. 15, 2023, said Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama in reaction to Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia’s suggestion to hold the event at its original venue, the Cebu City Sports Center (CCSC).

Rama has said that they “have been working double, triple [time]” and the Sinulog at SRP “has already been planned.” The organizers, he said, have considered all “eventualities” to happen on the day of the festival, but he did not elaborate.

One of these eventualities, which perhaps IS the biggest concern of pro-CCSC people, is the possibility of downpour on Sinulog day.

The venue could be flooded, depending on the rainfall’s intensity.

This concern cannot be dismissed because Cebu has been experiencing bad weather in the past weeks.

On Governor Garcia’s end, she is concerned that vehicles coming from southern Cebu would be stuck in traffic along Natalio Bacalso Ave. if several roads are closed.

Aside from Natalio Bacalso Ave., the Cebu South Coastal Road, which traverses SRP, is the only other entry point to Cebu City for southern Cebu residents, the governor said.

Garcia’s other concern is security, saying SRP is a wide and open area. Police and their augmentation forces could have a difficult time in securing the venue.

Realtor Anthony Gerard Leuterio, founder of Filipino Homes, has said that “it is risky to rush a venue that is not properly planned.”

However, other business leaders have said that the city government must be given the chance to prove that it has prepared well for the Sinulog.

The concerns over the risks of holding the Sinulog at SRP are all valid.

Rama’s steadfastness in his decision to push through with the Sinulog at SRP is also understandable. Aside from wasting money and efforts in developing the venue for the big event, not pushing through with the festival at the SRP could possibly hurt his image as a political leader.

The ultimate decision though rests on the revelers.

If they feel that the Sinulog would still be enjoyable on a rainy day, they would flock to the SRP.

They would also proceed to the SRP if they feel safe with all the authorities’ security preparations.

If there are people who don’t feel they are safe regardless of the weather condition on Sunday, they will listen to their instincts. They can stay at home or go elsewhere.