THERE is an influx of domestic tourists in the highlands of Barangay Bi-ao, Binalbagan, Negros Occidental.

Motorcycle riders Members of Bacolod Maxiscooter & Motorcycle Society, namely Wilfredo Anglo, Ben Sy, Dr. Bengie Gonzaga, Reymond Andrade, Ted Tomas, Teddy Tomas, Dr. Mike Sarabia, Tony Defensor, and Jeffrey Ramos, explored on this site riding their respective motorbikes.

Dr. Sarabia described such an experience as climbing the stairway to heaven.

Their group usually travels to beautiful sites, and this one in Barangay Bi-ao has caught them in awe, citing the beautiful scenery that is worthy to behold.

The long ride also fit into his New Year’s resolution that he would do something that he always wanted to do but was scared of doing: go to places he always dreamed of and meet new friends. This will surely make his 2023 unforgettable and somehow change the rest of his life.

Other motorists, photographers, vloggers, and others also visit the site, and on weekends, the place is filled with people who appreciate the beauty of nature.

Many riders flocked to Hermit Mountain recently to enjoy the scenery, the cool weather, and also the company of friends who unleashed their love for nature.

Vlogger Lex Nillos (Lexplorations PH) said he went to the sight which he considered breathtaking.

“All you need is a full tank of gas for your motorcycle or vehicle and travel buddies to enjoy the site—this instant tourist attraction in Brgy. Biao, Binalbagan is a must-visit spot in the South. Other creators called it the Batanes of Negros, and I agree, definitely one of the unique spots to go to in Binalbagan,” he said.

Mount Hermit is just along the road, which is perfect for tourists because you don’t need to be a hiker to get the fantastic view. All you need is to hike a bit and achieve your goals of getting to this beautiful place and many photos.

How to get there? From Bacolod, head on to the Municipality of Binalbagan and take the route of Binalbagan-Isabela Road. About 4 kilometers in the distance, go straight and look for the signage of Brgy. Payao, turn right and go straight ahead until you see the “Nasanagan Resort signage” and turn left.

You’ll know you are in the right direction once you pass by the bridge. Add a few kilometers more and be ready to take photos using your phone or a single-lens camera for those professional photographers. The famous Bambi falls also near, but you must ride a 4 x 4 pickup.

But he has a reminder that you must observe the Clean As You Go (Claygo) practice and leave no trace of trash. It’s the only way to pay back nature rather than bringing back the waste.

Nillos was with Mauees Happy Feet, Paul Albert Yap, and Choy Lando Photography.

Choy Lando also asked those who visit the place to never abuse nature by taking the garbage that one has generated in going there.

Paul Albert Yap (Instagram & Tiktok @paulyroid) said, “The highland in Barangay Bi-ao is one of the most beautiful places I have visited in Negros Occidental.”

He said that with such a panoramic view, all you need to do is to take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time, and clean as you go.*