The national entertainment industry has started off on the right foot as Filipinos will witness the collaboration between MAVX Productions and Star Magic Cinema. The collaboration is set to release three movies with compelling stories exploring the complexities of self-discovery, hope and healing.

Compared to the occasional romantic flick people are used to watching, RC Delos Reyes, who directed all three movies for MAVX and Star Cinema, is set to offer escapist and groundbreaking storylines for the big screen.

“For MAVX, it’s really story-first. As a young filmmaker like me, this is a dream come true,” Delos Reyes said in a press conference on Jan. 7 at District 8 Manila in San Juan City.

Here are three films Cebuanos should watch out for to be released during the first quarter of 2023:

“I Love Lizzy”

The movie is set to premiere on Jan. 18 starring Barbie Imperial and Carlo Aquino. The story follows a young girl in Albay dubbed the province’s “best drinker,” who then crosses paths with a seminarian. Lizzy, Barbie’s character, volunteers to be the tour guide for the seminarian and shares moments together that are both happy and vulnerable during a short period. When fate tests fate, Carlo’s character will have to choose between God’s calling or Lizzy’s love.

“Hindi lahat ng nang-iiwan, hindi nasasaktan (Not everyone who chooses to leave are spared from the pain),” Carlo shared his favorite line in the movie.

Barbie chose a more heart-wrenching line, one taken when the two characters talk about God’s love: “Hindi Niya naman ako favorite (No way I’m God’s favorite).”

The Swing”

Reel-to-real-life couple Jane Oineza and RK Bagatsing will portray the roles of Kevin and Pam whose marriage is on the rocks. In an attempt to save their marriage, the two agreed to explore other partners outside their relationship. “Swinging” is the term used to swap sexual partners and both Kevin and Pam considered this unconventional means in Switzerland. Whether it’s more of a solution than a problem, they are still presented with marital challenges.

“We made sure that before we left for Switzerland, everything was laid out. We wanted to be clear about what the project expected of us in terms of our level of commitment and we should deliver,” RK said when asked about why they accepted the roles.

“Pam is willing to give Kevin a chance, and she’s willing to give anything a try, even to the point of compromise, just because she loves Kevin,” Jane explained more about her character.


Kylie Padilla and Gerald Anderson will co-star for the first time in the movie “Unravel.” As of right now, the premiere date has not been disclosed. The two took a plane to Switzerland to bring life to the characters of Lucy and Noah. The troubled history of Kylie’s character led her to travel to another location to commit assisted suicide. When Lucy meets Noah, an upbeat man who helped her in escaping the shadows, she embarks on experiences that give her life.

“I was very careful with this project because I didn’t want it to be like we’re romanticizing this project. It was very sensitive. But for me, when I read the script, it was very character-driven. When you watch it, there’s hope for a more positive outlook in life,” Kylie explained.

“Just be nice to other people because you never know what they’ve been through. We can all afford to be nice. It’s something we all can do,” Gerald said.

Plot your calendars and ready your tissues as well for these movies that deserve to be on your future watch list.