IT WAS in 2018 when the 1963 high school batch of then St. Anthony Jr. College held its first-ever reunion.

Now, classmate Rodolfo “Rudy” Morales whom I met at Barangay Mabiga hall last week broached to me the idea of holding another get-together probably in April this year. But how? I asked him considering many of our classmates have passed on and the rest are living abroad.

Organizing a reunion is no easy task as most of our classmates have no contact numbers and listed addresses.

Paging Marcela Tungol, our designated treasurer, who keeps tab of the addresses of our classmates, especially those living in the United States like Nancy David, brothers Jerry and Tony Balleza, Laverne del Rosario and others.

Still, Rudy promised to aid in locating every member of Batch 1963.

This Reunion, as in the previous one, aims to give each member clear and accurate information on the whereabouts and status of each member. The proposed reunion will seek to find how in the twilight of our years, we could bind ourselves together tightly and help one who is in need. Funds, of course, are needed to form a foundation that could address each member’s needs, financial or otherwise.

Like seniors our age, we believe we can work on some worthwhile and gainful projects. I’m sure local government officials would be willing to extend a helping hand to fund our cause.
  • We hope to meet again in 2023, if not in April, then in September.
By that time, we could have contacted every living member of Batch 1963 and the relatives of deceased members. To them, we (the organizing officers) intend to give some financial aid to console them for the loss of a member of Batch 1963.

We also intend to invite former teachers who, we believe, may still be agile despite their advanced age.

The Reunion will definitely be held and Rudy Morales and Marcela Tungol and others may be a big help in organizing it.


I’d like to give my birthday greetings to Ethel G. Infante on Januay 14th.