Quibranza: With a grain of salt

AH, YES. It’s 2023! The Gregorian calendar sneaked in quite a trick, didn’t it? Because Jan. 1 fell on a Sunday, I’m willing to bet most Cebuanos didn’t even have time to recover from the holidays and suddenly, it’s Sinulog.

The street dancers are a-dancin. The drumbeats are a-beatin. The rainclouds are a-formin. Hopefully, in the next three days, we’ve finally climbed out of the pit of festivities, collectively content in the successful staging of Sinulog weekend. Also, we look forward to experiencing a little calm on our social calendars, before the next corporate storm surrounding Chinese New Year.

For what it’s worth, I felt like this space’s first column during the new year should be like a presentation of some sort of a statement. Is anybody reading anything on Sinulog Saturday even?

So, here’s myself shadow boxing with a handful of ideals on how people should approach lifestyle content from the media or social media content creators: Take everything with a grain of salt.

Here are three tips you need to take note of to make the best of your Cebu lifestyle experiences (especially when it comes to food) as guided by your favorite writers, bloggers, vloggers and personalities:

Be wary of the new. Expect a deluge of press releases or articles to pop out on your social media news feeds every time a new brand is launched. There’s nothing exactly wrong with this and this is expected, but savvier consumers know to let the hype die down and judge for themselves if word on the street is legit. In fact, you can truly judge a product when it’s served outside of special events and on regular days!

Follow a consistent ‘Top 5.’ Follow news sources or content creators who have built a name for themselves through credible reporting. Afterward, make sure you follow a handful of them just to ensure that you get at least “five looks” at a particular subject matter. In the case of food and drinks, it would be nice to see what your “Top 5” sources are saying before parting with your hard-earned cash in a fancy restaurant.

Pair honesty with prudence. Businesses have their share of ups and downs. Before you’re tempted to post something online ranging from a tweet to a full-on tirade, keep in mind that most entrepreneurs are also trying to make an honest buck and making improvements along the way is part of the journey.

Here’s to an awesome year of discovering new places to dine here in Cebu!

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