Check Up

The last time my wife and I had a physical check-up was well..... a long long time ago. So it was with trepidation that we had one. True to our fashion we decided to have it after Christmas because as our senior fears dictated to us, better after baka masira ang Pasko. Thus we had it on January 4.

We went to the doctor and had a pre-test interview. We were anxious and the doctor saw it and he said not to be worried so much. He was amused while we were terrified. It did not help that the doctor added a test for me... just in case. That did not help at all.

Since this was a blood test we had to fast and wake up early so as to avoid the crowds. Let me be clear here though. If there was one place that we avoided during the pandemic it was the hospital. And now because of the check up, we ended up going to the hospital three times. Nice.

After the early morning blood, we went back past noon to have the results read. This was what we dreaded the most. The drive to the hospital was quiet. When we got there it was Chona who was first. If you want to find out what happened, ask her. She tells the incident better.

I was next. With the beating of my heart reverberating through the walls, the doctor looked at me and gave his interpretation. It was what I expected, cholesterol high but the rest were normal. I sighed but what I really wanted was to do the jig. I was worried about my blood sugar because diabetes runs in the family. But it was normal. I actually wanted to hug the doctor but that would have been too much.

After me, Miguel had to take the hot seat.

At our age and I mean Chona and me, having check-ups can be an ordeal because aside from our ages we are basically cowards in terms of health. Things have happened in our lives that we have withstood and survived and even flourished but checkups are not part of it. I guess that is what happens when you do not know what will happen. Plus it gives you a gut check about your mortality.

After the check-up, we celebrated. We were given steaks as Christmas gifts and who are we to refuse, right?

The good thing about the check-up is I feel better because of the medicines and also because I have started exercising. Yes, you heard that right, EXERCISING. I started slow with a fifteen-minute Senior workout. My goal is simple. I want to lower my cholesterol when I have my checkup next month. That means exercising and a change of diet. That would be the harder thing to do but my wife and I have a wish. That we both celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

God willing, we will. And perhaps along the way, have more checkups.


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