TENDER. Flavorful. One cup of rice is not enough.

This is how I would describe Chew Baka's lechon baka.

I was first introduced to them last year when a friend sent me some to taste. Then, I do not know what to expect. I have had my fair share of lechon baka in the past, some were good and others were just okay.

So, when I received the packed meal, I managed my expectations.

I opened the packed meal and the first thing that greeted me was the delicious smell of cooked beef. That alone had my mouth watering. I was ready to eat.

I took the thinly sliced beef and put it in my mouth. It was tender. I love how it was thinly sliced because it felt like the beef melted in my mouth. It was also flavorful. It has a smokiness to it and a slightly sweet finish.

To go with their lechon baka is their "Wowsawan” sauce, a blend of soy, worcestershire, and garlic. I just love how this zesty sauce completes the experience of eating their lechon baka.

After this delicious meal, I could not get enough of their lechon baka.

A few days later, I visited their shop along Lopez Jaena Street corner Circumferential Road.

It was a small shop in a house with a roastery outside. You can smell the deliciousness of the lechon baka as you enter the shop. The living room of the house has been converted into a quaint dining area.

I ordered their Lechon Baka Plate, which consists of their lechon baka, their special sauce, and their homemade atchara. At P225, this was a very filling and value-for-money meal.

Meanwhile, Chew Baka's lechon baka can also be enjoyed with friends.

During our department Christmas Party, I opted for the lechon baka instead of the traditional lechon baboy.

I ordered a one-kilogram (P1,650) serving of lechon baka for my team. It was enough to serve around 10 members. Everyone enjoyed it and some had more than one cup of rice.

They also offer one-fourth kilogram (P455) and half a kilogram (P865) of the lechon baka. If you are a bigger group they also offer packages at 3 kilograms (Good for 25 persons at P4,950), 6 kilograms (Good for 50 persons at P9,900), and 12 kilograms (Good for 100 persons at P19,800).

With different serving sizes, Chew Baka lives up to the owner's vision of having a lechon baka takeout counter that would bring the flavorsome experience within reach for more diners in Davao City.

Chew Baka was one of my favorite discoveries in 2022. They offer a delicious serving of lechon baka that can be enjoyed with their Wowsawan. The beef was tender and seasoned well. Also, don’t be shy to go for an extra serving of rice because one cup is not enough.

For orders and inquiries, contact 0967-356-2290 or message Chew Baka Lechon Baka on Messenger (m.me/chewbakadvo). For updates and more information, follow facebook.com/chewbakadvo and instagram.com/chewbakadvo. RJL