What should have been marked as jolly and festive celebration of the new year for travellers was made a nightmare at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) after a glitch of the facility's Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) caused a problem of its navigation and communication system. The UPS problem though was "first-aided" with direct connection of power lines with the apparatuses and equipment minus the UPS.

However, when the said system were directly connected with the power supply, a power surge happened causing another glitch. This caused further delay to flights coming in and going out of the airport due to non-functioning navigation and communications system.

Some airlines were diverted to nearby airports while others were sent back to their airport origins. A great number of airplane passengers were left dismayed due to their flight delays that happened on the first day of the year.

The timing of the said incident was unfortunate too when people are having their brief vacations, going back to their work or business abroad or to the country after spending leisure days outside our land for the holidays. It has affected thousands and thousands of airline passengers.

Airports are vital facilities for travel and should be always operational 24/7. Glitches are mortal sins that should not be committed.


High inflation rate is still felt. Immediately after the recovery period from the pandemic set in, the price of fuel jacked up brought about by the war between Russia and Ukraine. The war's domino effect to different countries' economies is still reeling.

Then there was the price increase in sugar allegedly resulting from a "shortage". The price increase in other basic commodities ensued including rice, canned goods, poultry and meat. Vegetables even, continuously soar high due to high transport cost and other factors affecting the industry.

Utilities like electricity, water, cable tv and internet companies are likewise jacking-up their products and services as they are likewise pushed against wall of the rising cost of production.

Recently, the price of onions soared very high. The lack of supply is alleged to be the culprit, making onion consumers cry over its costs. The onion is a basic ingredient in Filipino cooking. While the price of vegetables is also increasing, onions stand out due to unimaginable rise in costs.


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