On a global scale, nothing enlivens up a dreary workplace than pizza. Weary teammates suddenly pull off their best piranha impressions when they see one laid on the table.

Open the box—the eight slices are more than effective office uppers, really. Each slice is a ticket to unification. It doesn’t matter which division you’re from. Once you take a slice, you enter into an afternoon agreement to temporarily mute ideals ranging from political to personal, all for the sake of a cheesy slice of pie.

In fact, pizza even has the spell to draw out one’s selflessness. Observe how, no matter how many boxes are there or people present, there will always be a slice left in the name of Filipino hospitality.

Three days ago, I randomly found myself at Tavolata. The Starbucks beside it was packed and I thought, maybe a cup of coffee in this homegrown Italian restaurant wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Well, the wallet cried a little, although with tears of joy. One doesn’t simply walk into a ristorante and not try the hand-tossed pizza. I should have known that from the beginning.

This husband had his eye on three pizzas. “I’m good with any, really,” I told the wife while gladly handing her the menu and my life choices with it. After approximately 20 minutes, the server then laid out our 10-inch, fresh-out-of-the-oven Meatball pizza on the table.

I then realized that it’s been awhile since I’ve had pizza this way.

My recent pizza stories are as follows: La Bella Napoli is a favorite but I haven’t had the chance to drop by. The ones at Il Primo were delightful. Angel’s Pizza serves some tasty underdogs. Yellow Cab doesn’t taste the same anymore compared to before. Alberto’s is still affordable as heck. Domino’s Pizza is okay.

I doubt Tavolata’s Meatball pizza is one of its top-sellers, but it was nonetheless prepared with excellence—every square-inch a delight to bite. Who knew then that a tasty pie would lead me to write this random piece?

Two days later, I found myself staring at pizza once again. This time, tens of boxes were ordered as tokens of gratitude for the hardworking editorial and sales and marketing staff of SunStar Cebu who covered Sinulog 2023.

It’s a great reminder on the power of pizza. It can be had at any time of day, can be shared with anyone you’re with, and there are plenty of options on different price levels ensuring that everybody gets a piece of the pie.