THE comeback of the biggest festival in the Philippines calls for a celebration at one of the best hotels that Cebu has to offer, with excellent accommodation and impeccable hospitality: FILI Hotel.

The five-star Filipino hotel was the first choice amongst those who participated in this year’s grand Sinulog festival at South Road Properties, which involved week-long celebration that was well attended by people from in and outside Cebu. FILI Hotel’s location was one of the main reasons why it was their first choice.

The vice president and managing director of Knowles Electronics, Joseph Liwag, commended the hotel’s location, saying: “We chose FILI Hotel for this special weekend mainly due to a couple of reasons. First, the location is strategic. It is close to the church, to the festivities, and with easy access to either the heart of Cebu city or to Mactan island, via the beautiful CCLEX.”

It’s tough for the hotel’s modern interior to go unnoticed because once guests enter its grand lobby, it creates a lasting impression on its visitors. Liwag elaborated: “It’s something to be proud of as a Filipino. The hotel looks very nice and modern.”

Beyond FILI hotel’s picturesque interior and convenient location is its outstanding and indelible quality of service and hospitality to ensure that guests will get a first-class experience from the moment they enter the hotel until they depart.

“We truly had a wonderful, enjoyable stay at FILI,” said Liwag. “One of the positive experiences for us was the excellent, personalized service rendered by the hotel from top to bottom—from the arrangement of our stay to the welcome at the lobby, to everyone greeting us everywhere, to the housekeeping team, and even the emergency team who helped us when my son had a minor accident. The people were very hospitable, capable, with a heart for service and always showing their smiles.”

Joseph further praised FILI hotel as he said: “There is a lot of promise for this property—wonderful location, unique offerings, nice facilities and technology, and a true Filipino brand.”

As the Sinulog festivities in Cebu City dwindle to a close, guests and visitors of FILI hotel carry with them a lifetime of memories reminiscent of the height of Filipino luxury and Cebuano hospitality. SPONSORED CONTENT