OVER 800 individuals have benefitted from the one-day outreach mission initiated by the Army’s 100th Infantry “Kalasag” Battalion (IB) in a remote village of Indanan, Sulu.

Lieutenant Colonel Jose Delmendo, 100IB commander, said the beneficiaries of the Medical Mission of Socio-economic Uplift, Literacy, Anthropological, and Development Services (Sulads) were residents of Kagay village, Indanan, Sulu.

Delmendo said that Kagay is one of the remote villages in the town of Indanan, Sulu. Because of this situation, many of them were not given an opportunity to avail of government services.

He said as part of the growing peace in the province of Sulu, lots of agencies and organizations exerted their efforts in the far-flung areas to deliver the services and needs for our less fortunate Tausug families.

Delmendo said that the one-day activity offered services that include medical consultation, minor surgery, circumcision, dental check-up, hair-cut, optical check-up, distribution of eyeglasses, goods and basic services.

The outreach mission was successfully held in coordination with Pastor Robert Dulay and his team, the Sulads and 6th Special Forces Company (SFC) under 2nd Special Forces Battalion.

The outreach program aims to deliver medical services and addresses the different concerns to strengthen and sustain popular support for the national peace efforts, especially in the Moro National Liberation Front community in Sulu.

The Kalasag Troopers extended their warmest gratitude, especially to the Kagay village council headed by Fradzkhan Ibrahim, municipal government of Indanan, Ministry of Social Services and Development 6SFC, 15 Civil-Military Operations Battalion, and YLS-TPD-Incorporated, Sulu that contributed to the success of the outreach mission.

“With our collaborative efforts, building a resilient community is possible because peace and security is always a shared responsibility,” Delmendo said.

“We will not stop until we ensure that all the communities in Sulu are safe from the deceit and harm of the local terrorist group,” Delmendo added. (SunStar Zamboanga)