What’s in a song?

What’s in a song?

THEY are our constant companions. They supplement happy and sad memories. They intensify joy and aggravate the pain. They bring us to another world; they give us the break we need.

They are our songs. The music that keeps us going.

We remember our favorite movies or series because they are playing in the most intense scenes. We remember our friends because we once hummed and sang them together. We remember high school and college graduations, old friends and acquaintances, and all there is when there is music.

So, what’s in a song?

Songwriters think about the verse, chorus, and bridge; from the intro to the outro. Listeners allow the melody and lyrics to penetrate their thoughts and heart.

That’s the role of songs in our lives. They make us relax. They allow us to wonder. They keep us alive.

Sometimes songs bring some magic and rareness. We see the spark in different colors, feel emotions from happiness to sadness to surprise, hear unspoken words, taste the sweetness of the past and the present, and smell love in the air. They touch our lives.

Just like that. Songs allow us to use our five basic senses. Our elementary teachers taught us that when we use our five senses, we can figure out what’s going on around us and we can enjoy our experiences.

We can listen to music anytime – when we work, drive, eat, or study. We can even have them as the soft background in our conversations and when something familiar plays in, we pause and remember.

Music is everywhere. Songs are meant to put some melody and harmony in our lives. And I remember the first speech of Regional Director Allan G. Farnazo when he was assigned to the Department of Education Davao Region in February 2021.

He said, “I am not here to sing a new song. I am here to sing your favorite song. I am here to sing with you to create one memorable symphony. If you would allow me, I would be most glad to be your conductor.”

And just like that. He has left a spark in the Department. Until now, he is still the great conductor of the great orchestra that makes DepEd Davao Region so proud in all its services and performances.

Sometimes we meet people and they leave some music in our lives. And then our life changes forever.

So, what’s in a song?

It can amaze us. It can make us fall in love. It can add a rainbow after a gloomy sky. It can add life.

God is so good that He created songwriters to give us their best songs. And the best songs are those that make us remember Him. Without Him, there will be no songs to touch our lives.

The Boomers will always remember the likes of Frank Sinatra and Engelbert Humperdinck. Gen X appreciates the music of Barry Manilow, Kenny Rogers, Michael Jackson, and Queen, and for OPM (Original Pilipino Music) - Hagibis and VST & Company.

The millennials will always savor the music of James Ingram, Air Supply, Elton John, Celine Dion, Martin Nieverra, Sharon Cuneta, Regine Velasquez, etc. Then Gen Z appreciates the music of Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Moira, Ben&Ben, etc.

We have the best singers in the world but the best songs are those that touch our lives. They are those that keep us alive.


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