A LONG time ago, when the millennials were just being born, I was aghast that there was a talk show in the US that featured ordinary folk airing their dirty laundry for all to hear — The Jenny Jones Show. (A browse on the internet revealed this show ran from 1991-2003).

I saw it once and never watched it again. Its content made me cringe — the cursing, the details, and the occasional physical attacks.

I was also cringing at comments sections of US websites where sooner than not, somebody will be resorting to shame whatever and whoever can be shamed among the commenters or the ‘commented’.

Those were the pre-social media days when Filipinos were not yet fully onboard.

Three decades later, shaming has become the norm among us, whether it be in teleradyo programs, content by vloggers, or social media comments, and I cannot help but ask why?

How can anyone thrive on such negativity and apparently every single day?

As I have been a pranic healing practitioner for the past 5 years, I can only imagine the toxins one feeds the body with the toxicity one dishes out. Pranic healing is a no-touch natural healing technique that harnesses energy to accelerate the body’s ability to heal itself, a spiritual technology developed by its founder Master Choa Kok Sui, a Cebuano of Chinese origins. As an energy healer, I know that the worst diseases emanate from psychological toxins, the kind of toxicity people dispense every single day, maybe even every second of the day through social media.

People will blame their genes, diet, and lack of exercise as the causes of their diseases. In a way, yes. These contribute a lot to the disease’s fruition. But the seeds and the roots will all point to anger, hatred, grief, anxiety, stress, tension, resentment, irritation, aggression, and all negative emotions.

Pre-social media, we had that in profusion. But only through direct contact with the source. These days, we can have it from people across the world whom we do not even know, or artistas whom we cannot even talk about as one lynch mob two decades ago.

Worse, even passive readers of toxic comments get affected. And for what? Nothing. The cause of their negative emotion from which they will harvest diseases, most of the time, are people they do not even know.

The Internet was all about interaction when it first gained headway into our lives. The early 2000s buzzword was interactive. Reach out to the whole world, engage, interact! These days, it is better to ignore. Love yourself more, ignore.

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