MEMBERS of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation in Davao Region (Philhealth-Davao) can avail of the Z Benefit package for 20 severe, medically, and economically catastrophic illnesses.

These illnesses are Acute lymphocytic leukemia, Early breast cancer, prostate cancer, kidney transplant, standard risk coronary bypass graft, tetralogy of Fallot, ventricular septal defect, cervical cancer, Z MORPH (Mobility, Orthosis, Rehabilitation and Prosthesis Help), selected orthopedic implants, peritoneal dialysis, colon cancer, rectal cancer, expanded mobility orthosis rehabilitation help, premature and small newborns, children with developmental disabilities, children with mobility impairment, children with visual impairment, children with hearing impairment, rheumatic heart disease.

However, medical evaluator of Philhealth-Davao Dr. Gabrielle La Rosa said on January 20, only 18 Z benefit packages in four contracted hospitals are currently available in the region.

This includes Davao Doctors Hospital and Tebow Cure in Davao City, Davao Regional Medical Center in Tagum City, and Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City which has the most number of packages offered.

La Rosa said the Z benefits are for Philhealth members that could be gravely affected in terms of finances when they are diagnosed with the said illnesses.

“Pag lala ang kondisyon, syempre mas dako pud ang bayronon sa hospital mao nag buhat ang Philhealth og Z Benefit package para ani (If the condition is severe, the hospital bill becomes more expensive that’s why Philhealth created the Z Benefit package to help the members),” she said during the Kapihan sa PIA media forum.

Members or direct contributors, even their dependents such as legitimate spouses, children, and non-member senior citizen parents, can avail of the benefits if they pass the initial evaluation.

The patient will undergo screening to see if they are eligible and if they will pass the selection criteria before they proceed to the evaluation and submit a pre-authorization request.

If they are approved, they can avail of the Z benefits package.

La Rosa said no payment is required if the total amount for the medical procedure is under P600,000. The contracted hospital should also not bill exceeding the said package rate.

“For example, for kidney transplant worth P600,000, ang payment na pwede singilon ng hospital sa pasyente, dili dapat mulapas ana (the hospital cannot bill more than P600,000),” she said.

On the other hand, sponsored members such as indigents, senior citizens, and lifetime members can avail of the No Balance Billing which would not require payment unless they purchase an upgrade or extra hospital services.

La Rosa said Philhealth-Davao is currently promoting the Z benefits package as not all members are aware of its services. ICM