RANDOM drug tests conducted by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency and officials of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology among its personnel in Sagay City and Talisay City yielded negative results.

On January 20, members of the PDEA provincial office together with Senior Inspector Julius Cesar Chavez, Sagay jail warden, witnessed the random drug testing of BJMP personnel and persons deprived of liberty of the said jail located at Brgy. Rizal Sagay City , Negros Occidental.

There were 23 BJMP personnel and 31 PDLs composed of 49 males and 5 females who underwent the drug testing which all yielded a negative result, PDEA reported.

The team also conducted a lecture about the ill effects of illegal drugs on the PDLs of Sagay City Jail.

Meanwhile, PDEA provincial personnel with Talisay District Jail led by Senior Inspector Leo John Elle, jail warden, supervised the search and seizure in the jail facility located in Brgy. Matab-ang.

Random drug testing was conducted on 48 PDLs composed of 40 males and 8 females.

No illegal drugs were found during the said search and seizure operation. The drug test for PDLs also yielded a negative result.

Meanwhile, contraband was seized after the BJMP in cooperation with the San Carlos City Police Station and the PDEA, conducted a greyhound operation at the San Carlos City District Jail on the same date.

Jail Chief Insp. Felix Sariana, warden of the city district jail, said among the items they recovered are metal headbands, empty cans, and an improvised tong, all of which are prohibited inside the jail facility.

According to Sariana, 398 PDLs including 41 women were escorted out to an open space within the jail facility at around 5:00 a.m.

The police, BJMP, and PDEA personnel then searched the cell blocks for any contraband. Once the search has been completed, the inmates were allowed back into their respective cells.

PDEA also performed a random drug test of the 88 PDLs and 33 BJMP personnel. All of them have tested negative for drug use.*