Pangan: Traders amd retailers vs. consumers

TIT FOR TAT. This should be the mantra of consumers saddled by rising inflation and costs of basic commodities. Thus, they could hardly survive with the ever-increasing costs of almost everything, including gasoline and fuel products. There is no relief in sight, they think.

And now, the pressure om the stability of onion and egg prices!

Expectedly, the bright boys of the Marcos, Jr., administration recommend importation as a band-aid solution to any prevailing shortage of consumer goods but they do not extensively research the reasons for such shortage, which mey be artificial or staged.

The egg, which is the main source of protein is now seeing increase in its retail price.

The newly-revived Price and Volume Watch committee of the Department of Agriculture which is chaired by the President is expected to monitor price movements of basic commodities.

It seems it has been a trend for traders and retailers to engage in price hike sprees because the government, specifically the Department of Trade and Industry or DTI is inept in enforcing the suggested retail prices of basic commodities or is it really inutile in enforcing price caps or limits or is it really fraternizing with retailers and traders? Hmmm...

* * *

President BBM is predisposed to appoint military officials to man even sensitive positions in government agencies and is even fascinated with appointing retired or semi-retired generals to sensitive posts like Carlito Galvez and Andres Centino.

Is he following the trend espoused by his predecessor, former President Duterte who is also infatuated with police and military generals that his government was packed to the rafters by top military men. Sus.

* * *

Definitely, we have no control over the flow of prices of gasoline and its by-products as the prices are dictated by international oil players, including members of the OPEC or the Organization of Oil Producing countries.

To this item, the consumers have nothing to say or do but to grin and bear the painful increases!


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