DYNAMIC Herb-Borromeo Sports Complex held Cebu’s first major Functional Fitness Competition, “Cebu Throwdown Sinulog,” on Jan. 14.

More than 70 qualified athletes from the Philippines, Singapore, Guam, and Indonesia competed in multiple events for the top rank in functional fitness. A real showcase of strength and endurance, a “throwdown” is a fitness competition where athletes go against each other to determine the best athlete based on WODs (workout of the day) set for the entire match.

Cebu Throwdown 2023 tests the athletes with functional exercises mainly based on CrossFit, with some unique exercises competitors have yet to be used to. It provides excitement and uniqueness to the competition athletes must train for and pass in a qualifier.

The first event was composed of a 400m run, deadlifts, and box jumps in different weights per category. The event had four major categories: RX, Scaled, Masters 35+, and Masters 40+. Each of these is available for men’s and women’s divisions. The categories present other exercises where every athlete’s performance at a given time is measured in a point system.

Among over 70 athletes from different parts of the Philippines and Asia, champions have risen to the top in their categories; Kobe Jo - Rx (Men), Kristen Lim and Aliana Lao - Rx (Women), Joshua Jereza - Scaled (men), Kathleen Ngo - Scaled (Women), Steve Boardman - Masters 35+ (Men), DJ Kauhini - Masters 40+ (Men), and Lynette Suller - Masters (Women).

The spirit of competition and camaraderie during the event is a dedication to Sinulog. The event was also an opportunity to offer competitors from outside Cebu the experience of the Sinulog festivities.

Dynamic Herb-Borromeo Sports Complex is a state-of-the-art football stadium in Cebu. It provides a world-class, open, multi-sport field and facilities. The stadium is perfect for sporting events and practices. Dynamic Herb-Borromeo Sports Complex also regularly holds football events and training for all age groups. (PR)