THE “You and Me sa 2023” mass wedding initiated by the city government of Bacolod City was moved to March 3 from February 14, City Civil Registrar Hermilo Pa-oyon said Tuesday, January 24.

Pa-oyon said Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez decided to postpone the mass wedding to accommodate all unmarried couples who want to join the activity.

As of January 24, the Civil Registrar’s Office already received at least 1,400 applicants for the mass wedding.

“We are hopeful to reach the 2,023 unmarried couples to participate in mass wedding and it’s for free,” he added.

Pa-oyon noted that the barangay officials were tasked to list the unmarried couples who are interested to join the free mass wedding and it will be submitted to the Civil Registrar’s Office.

He said the deadline for application will be on February 12 and it’s open to individuals aged 23 years old and above, and who have been living together as husband and wife for at least five years or more.

“If they are not qualified in the exemption to the marriage license rule, the couple can still join the mass wedding but they need to apply for a marriage license,” he added.

Pa-oyon noted that it’s part of the annual celebration pursuant to President Proclamation No. 682 declaring the month of February every as Civil Registration Month.

The ceremony, which will be officiated by Benitez, will be held at the Bacolod City Government Center grounds.*