THE mayor of Alcoy town, southern Cebu was hurt after a tourist transport sedan hit him while he was riding his bicycle in the neighboring town of Dalaguete at dawn Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2023.

Alcoy Mayor Michael Sestoso is currently admitted at a private hospital in Cebu City and is now in stable condition.

Ricardo Galcim, 43, the driver of the sedan that hit Sestoso, is currently detained at the police station in Dalaguete following the incident.

Maj. Gilfred Baroman, chief of Dalaguete’s police force, said Sestoso, 56, was reportedly on board his mountain bike and was on his way home when he was sideswiped by Galcim along the intersection between Dalaguete and Alcoy towns.

Galcim, who hails from Lapu-Lapu City, was proceeding southward when he noticed three other vehicles before him.

According to Baroman, Sestoso was driving his bicycle while three other vehicles were on his rear.

Baroman said Galcim attempted to overtake the three other vehicles when he got to the intersection.

However, as Galcim made a right turn back to his lane, he accidentally hit Sestoso.

Baroman said Galcim may not have seen Sestoso as it was still dark at the time of the accident.

According to officials from Alcoy, Sestoso sustained minor wounds on his back and thigh. Luckily, he sustained no fractures and is currently conscious.

Baroman said Galcim’s employer has expressed willingness to shoulder Sestoso’s medical expenses.

Following the incident, Baroman urged cyclists and even motorcyclists to wear reflectorized vests and blinkers so that they can easily be seen by other motorists. (ANV / TPT)