From online shop to K-mart: the story of Danbam

DanBam Kmart is located at San Isidro, Talisay City.
DanBam Kmart is located at San Isidro, Talisay City.

DANBAM K-MART at the Kong Central Square San Isidro, Talisay City started a simple online shop during the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic in June 2020 and it has since grown to be the home for Hallyu fans in the city.

DanBam K-Mart has its very own extensive selection of Korean products and merchandise from fresh produce to traditional snacks and other Korean items. You’ll find everything you will need to bring that Hallyu experience in the comfort of your own home.

Yet it started in the very home of its proprietor, Charish Dianne Mascariñas and her husband, Pete, when they began selling kimchi online with a capital of only P950.

“It was hilarious to think that a lot of our customers were driving cars in front of our home just to buy. It was overwhelming,” Charish expressed in delight.

The kimchi is the standout in their neighborhood as they were the only residents who sold a product like no other.

Eight months later of success, DanBam K-Mart officially opened its doors to serve its people with much more convenience while taking a lot of aesthetic inspiration from several of the favorites from Charish, herself.

As a fanatic of K-Drama, Charish used her imagination to apply to the reality of what her store will grow into. Their store name – DanBam K-Mart, was actually named after a restaurant from the selling K-Drama series, Itaewon Class. She took heavy inspiration from the series as it was very relevant to her business situation.

“I was hooked on the story because it talks about how you get up in life despite the situation. Especially to business owners who were very down because of the pandemic,” says Charish as she adds a silver lining to the situation, “Pandemic was a blessed curse for me because through the inspiration of Itaewon Class and my passion in K-Drama, why not I do it as well? I started with kimchi, so why not continue?”.

And now, DanBam K-Mart has already grown into a store that people love even more because of the variety of products and merchandise that it has extended. They also refurnished the interiors with members of the Korean boyband, BTS.

From cold delights like their melona ice creams starting at P48, to their Samgyupsal meals at P440, the list goes on as the Korean store has a lot to offer for its customers. They even have a Samgyupsal set which is called ‘Samgyup sa Balay’, in which customers can just do takeout and cook it in the convenience of their homes. The store also offers rentals for Samgyup grills to make sure that everyone has what they need to fully experience what Korean dining is all about.

To add up, their newest limited offer – the DanBam K-Mart Bundle Meal, starts for as low as P260 with their special DanBam Hot Coffee and a Korean meal, plus a random item like their Laver, Chocopie, Ramyeon, or a Maxim Instant Coffee, for free!

With driven success over the past three years, Charish is very thankful for the blessings that she receives each day as being a business owner can be risky at times. Though being entrepreneurial is a mindset that made her boom, yet, she relies on her faith strongly with God.

“Be brave. Do not lean on your own understanding. You have to always have faith in Lord,” she said. Charish expressed that despite having the talents, skills, and mindsets, there will always be the inevitable to not encounter challenges.

Presently, DanBam K-Mart is up and running well, continuously serving customers with its Korean expertise. Along with its friendly service and chill vibes, these are the perfect qualities for you to experience that you would not surely miss.

With DanBam, your inner Korean spirit will surely unleash. Visit DanBam K-Mart now and see for yourself what the store has to tender for your Korean satisfaction. (SPONSORED)


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