BANAYBANAY, Davao Oriental - The Municipality of Banaynay has suspended the conduct of "disco" parties in the area after two men were stabbed at a party house on Friday, January 20.

Banaynay Mayor Lemuel Ian Larcia issued Executive Order (EO) 1 suspending "disco" or party activities in all barangays of the municipality.

According to the EO, known as "Declaring Suspension of Disco in All Barangay's Activities," Larcia said it aims to maintain order and peace in the barangays.

The two victims, who are in critical condition, are currently recovering.

Earlier, many netizens posted similar incidents of public disturbance in some other barangays.

Some of these incidents include rioting, fighting, throwing hard objects, and worse, stabbing.

This had prompted the mayor to immediately issue EO 1 on Saturday, January 21.

The authorities of the Banaybanay Municipal Police Station are working to prevent the incident from happening again, especially in other activities of the barangay.

Authorities are also preparing to file charges against those responsible for the stabbing incident. JPC