THERE was a time, GenZ’s, when we thought having a 32MB flash drive was a big awesome kind of cool. But now, 1TB has already found its way into our mobile phones. Expensive yet today as it comes in an iPhone 14 Pro Max. But remember, we once paid P2,000 or more for a 128MB flash drive. A few more years and 1TB is as inconsequential as a 16MB memory card.

There was that time when we had absolutely no use for 1TB. Now, just about every GenZ and GenAlpha is craving it.

Insatiable, that is what we are, and it applies to all.

Three decades ago, downloading an emailed photo will allow you to take a coffee break or do a lot of other things. Now, we lose our temper and raise a massive tantrum when Internet speed slows down.

It’s just human nature. Once we level up, whether in technology or life status, we demand more. Some go to the extreme and just do things in excess — food, luxury items, travel, and even collectibles. The mantra being: I deserve it.

That’s true, also. But when you harvest what you deserve in the material world disregarding one’s spiritual growth, there are experiences more awesome that you’re skipping. Sayang.

Again, it’s human nature to seek the satisfaction of the flesh and worldly concerns, prioritizing knowledge over knowing, convenience over purpose, and then look down on those who have achieved bliss by being still or doing service for apparently staying where they are.

Still, while it’s a waste when only the worldly self is satiated but it’s okay. At least in this lifetime you literally had your fill and thrills. But to look down because you’re in a worldly high places such worldliness to the level of hubris, and hubris is never good. In everything, seek the good.

After all, prosperity and abundance are not measured in money and material things. There is happiness and then there is bliss.

While many interchange both state, they are actually poles apart. Happiness is an emotion that can be achieved by doing — getting high grades, earning more, winning! Bliss is achieved by just being. So... you can keep chasing happiness or you can achieve stillness and be in bliss, divinely provided, divinely blessed, and having a darn good time with your life on Earth creating, becoming, and being.

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