Dr. Fritz: Needs help with belly fat

Photo from Unsplash
Photo from Unsplash

Dear Dr. Fritz,

Good day! Please call me Marina. I really have a big problem with my belly fat. It is really enormous and I am getting frustrated. I have already tried a lot of diets. But, nothing seems to work. I know that soda is one of the culprits. What drink should I replace it with? What about beer? Is it true that it will worsen my problem?

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

Marina of MM

Dear Marina of MM,

I understand your predicament. It is not only good for your looks but it can also be very risky for your health. It increases your chance to get diabetes, fatty liver disease, heart disease, high cholesterol, breast cancer, and pancreatitis.

You see, you don’t just have your diet checked to lose that belly fat, you really have to get yourself moving. What is good is, your workout doesn’t have to be complicated. You can go for a brisk walk or just move around and sweat. And if you do, this visceral fat which is your belly fat is the first one to go when you move around.

I am glad that you know that soda is not good for you. You can swap it for green tea with no sugar or honey. It saves you calories. The catechins in green tea might help a little to trim your belly fat.

And opps! Don’t blame beer. Beer may have plenty of calories. But, it doesn’t make your fat settle around your middle. As a matter of fact, I have a lot of friends who are not drinking beer, but, yet, their belly fat is enormous too. The bottom line is, it is sugar that can boost belly fat.

Good luck!

Dr. Fritz

(Dr. Fritz Legarde Espedilla is an aesthetic dermatologist and surgeon and a clinical sexologist. She is also trained in hypnotherapy and Medical Acupuncture. For your questions, you may send them to Dear Dr. Fritz, c/oSunstar-Davao Publishing Inc., Ebro-Pelayo Building, Juan Luna St., Davao City, or e-mail them to dokfritz@yahoo.com. If you don’t wish your letter to be published, we regret that we cannot answer them. Thank you for your understanding.)


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