THE establishment of Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Training Center sponsored by Third District Rep. Jose Francisco Benitez was approved Monday, January 30, by the House Committee on Higher and Technical Education.

House Bill No. 2333 was filed by Benitez on Jul 26, 2022 seeks to establish a TESDA training and assessment center in the Murcia to widen access to Technical and Vocational Education and Training programs in said municipality and neighboring local government units.

"A TESDA training and assessment center in Murcia will bring TVET programs closer to the people of Murcia, open up new opportunities for gainful employment and livelihood, and contribute to poverty alleviation," Benitez said.

Murcia, with a population of 88.8687, has poverty incidence of 21.3 percent in 2018, virtually unchanged from 21.6 percent in 2009, he said.

Through TVET programs, Murciahanons will develop new skill sets and enable them to acquire jobs and earn higher income, Benitez pointed out.

This bill also envisions that the Murcia TESDA training and assessment center will offer courses that will enhance digital literacy which will equip Murciahanons with technical and cognitive skills to become competitive in a digital economy and adapt to the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Benitez further explained.

The Center shall offer the following TVET programs with competencies assessment leading to National Certification Levels I-II:
  • Skills training in industrial technology and hard trades *Agriculture and aquaculture-related training and skills development
  • Livelihood skills development courses for preferred skills employment and small-scale entrepreneurship
  • Basic business literacy training in financial management and marketing, practical accountancy, bookkeeping, office procedures, business processes and application procedures
  • Technical-vocational occupation and trades skills
  • Computer literacy and information technology-related skills, digital technology, web design, animation, photoshop/online photography, computer design, and advertising
  • Social communication skills development and language proficiency courses in English and other languages for business process outsourcing employment and overseas job placement
  • Seminars on personality development, career counseling and job placement, work ethic?and values and
  • Other preferred skills and trades training.*