ANGELES CITY Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin Jr., has announced the salary increase of 174 Contract of Service employees at the Rafael Lazatin Memorial Medical Center beginning February 16, 2023.

Based Memorandum Order No. 253, Series of 2023, Lazatin said employees who will receive additional salaries are the 26 medical technologists who will receive 4,000; six radiologic technologists who will receive 8,000; and seven pharmacists who will receive 5,150.

Another 30 housekeeping personnel, 13 utility staff and 92 admin employees will receive a salary increase of 50 per day.

“This is a way for the city government to give recognition to RLMMC employees for providing quality health care and treatment to COVID-19 patients during the height of the pandemic,” Lazatin said.

Meanwhile, Lazatin's Chief Adviser IC Calaguas met with the officers of RLMMC led by

Chief of Hospital Dr. Froilan Canlas to prepare the operations of five additional dialysis machines at the Renal Care Unit of RLMMC.

Calaguas added that the city government is getting ready for the opening phase of the RLMMC Annex Building in Barangay Pampang, which will be inaugurated this year.

Canlas thanked the Lazatin administration for recognizing their hard work aimed at providing quality healthcare.

Early this year, Lazatin already raised the salary of 117 RLMMC employees through Memorandum Order No. 182, Series of 2023.

In 2020, Lazatin ordered the 12,000 salary raise of 111 nurses of RLMMC.

In 2021, 141 city health volunteers assisting in the vaccination site — 43 barangay health workers, 49 barangay nutrition scholars, and 49 barangay population officers — get an additional 1,000 honoraria.