CEBU Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia has urged the provincial and district hospitals in the province to place their excess Covid-19 supplies in storage rooms.

The governor gave the order upon learning that some of the province-run hospitals have boxes of Covid-19 supplies, such as face masks, personal protective equipment (PPEs) and intravenous (IV) fluids, placed along hallways.

“Maybe the OIC (officer-in-charge) now might shed light on that because we really have an oversupply,” Garcia said.

“This was the first problem on the first round of inspection. There were several boxes lining the hallways because these were all downloaded to our provincial and district hospitals,” she added.

During the assessment of Capitol’s monitoring team headed by health consultant Mary Jean Loreche, the group observed in Malabuyoc District Hospital that boxes of Covid-19 supplies were blocking the hallway, making it difficult for hospital personnel and patients to pass.

Because of this, Governor Garcia ordered the different hospital heads to allocate storage rooms for their Covid-19 supplies.

The group also observed that most of the PPEs were used as covers for hospital mattresses, while some of the IV fluids have already expired.

“At least they are able now to put it in a proper room but the PPEs some hospitals have were converted to cover for mattresses. Well, you have the IV fluids that expired. [About] the masks, I have to ask them because some are still in boxes and there are a lot,” Garcia said in a mix of English and Cebuano.

Garcia said it would be better to reexamine the allocation of excess supplies, especially in small hospitals.

Garcia said on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023, that she will issue a directive to the officials of province-run hospitals to improve their facilities and health services in 60 days following the evaluation done by the Capitol monitoring team.

Another round of inspections will be conducted after 60 days.

“As I said, shape up or ship out,” Garcia said. (ANV / TPT)