Editorial: Inhumane treatment of animals in City of Naga

Editorial: Inhumane treatment of animals in City of Naga

Only a heartless person would not feel a heartache upon learning of the poisoning of around 50 dogs inside a private subdivision in Inoburan, a barangay in the southern Cebu city of Naga in January this year. The killings of these innocent creatures are a stark reminder of the inhumane treatment that stray dogs and cats face in communities, and their discovery highlights the need for animal welfare and protection in our society.

Republic Act 8485 (The Animal Welfare Act of 1998) was enacted to protect all animals, not just cats and dogs, from human cruelty. Despite the law’s existence, the problem of animal abuse continues till this day, and the case in Casa Mira South Subdivision in the City of Naga is a testament to that.

Even without the law, it is common sense that hurting, or killing, a living thing is outrightly wrong.

Stray animals are living creatures that deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. The notion that stray dogs and cats pose a danger to the public is understandable, but it is wrong to resort to killing them as a solution. The local government must play a more active role in keeping the public safe from stray animals by providing proper facilities for their care and putting up programs for their adoption.

The Naga City Government and the local police must take immediate action to investigate the recent killings.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government’s provincial office must also conduct an inquiry into the City of Naga’s animal welfare facilities, including checking if it has a dog pound, to ensure that the local government unit is adequately equipped to address the issue of stray animals.

The discovery of the dead animals in the subdivision also highlights the need for responsible pet ownership.

Pet owners must take responsibility for their pets. They must not let them roam around the neighborhood, and they must act as strict guardians of their four-legged buddies, providing them with proper care, sustenance and shelter.

The people behind the poisoning must be brought to justice and held accountable for their actions.

The public must also be vigilant and report any acts of animal cruelty to the authorities.

Just imagine a world where cats and dogs are the masters and humans are their pets.

Imagine that there are heartless cats and dogs in that world, and one day they decide to poison stray human beings because they have become a nuisance to them.

Good for humans that there is no such kind of world in reality, at least in the Milky Way.


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