PROVINCIAL Environment and Natural Resources (Penro) officer-in-charge Joan Nathaniel Gerangaya led the first Provincial Management Conference held at Penro conference hall Friday, February 3, in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental to equip key players and personnel on its 2023 Work and Financial Plan's targets and priorities.

Gerangaya emphasized three things: planning, strategizing and action-making.

He said that the roles and efforts of all employees are a key factor that plays a huge part in the continuous success of the office.

Assistant Regional Director for Special Concerns Ivene Reyes commended PENRO Negros Occidental for conducting the conference and gave updates regarding the National Greening Program.

Edna Locsin, Chief Planning and Management Division, shared updates during their 2023 National Budget Reprogramming Workshop held at Tagaytay City.

Locsin also reminded everyone of their roles, commitment and responsibility as public servants.

Regional Executive Director Livino Duran, in his message, stated that the preservation of the environment is the preservation of life.

Presentations on Management Services Concerns and 2023 Work and Financial Plan were discussed by OIC-MSD chief Rosario Rostata.