CITY OF SAN FERNANDO The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has announced the search for outstanding government workers in Central Luzon for 2023.

In its announcement, the CSC said it is now accepting nominations for civil servants, both officials and employees, who have displayed outstanding work performance in serving the public.

Elective and appointive state workers may be nominated in any of the three categories: Presidential Lingkod Bayan, Pag-asa and Dangal ng Bayan awards with no less than the President of the Philippines handing out the recognitions.

The Presidential Lingkod Bayan award is conferred to an individual or group of five members for their exceptional or extraordinary contributions resulting from an idea or performance that had nationwide impact on public interest, security and patrimony.

The Pag-asa award, on the other hand, is given to an individual or group of five members for their outstanding contributions resulting from an idea or performance that directly benefited more than one department of the government.

Meanwhile, the Dangal ng Bayan is bestowed to an individual for performance of an extraordinary act or public service and consistent demonstration of exemplary ethical behavior on the basis of observance of the eight norms of behavior provided under Republic Act No. 6713, otherwise known as the Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.

Posthumous nominations are also allowed provided that the person or nominees died while performing their duties as civil servants.

The CSC said that the awards aims to provide a counter perspective to the negative image of the government by recognizing state workers who exemplify the highest standards of excellence and integrity in serving the public and by sharing stories of competence, determination, self-sacrifice, and integrity in government.