Sangil: A love story

It is the love month of February. Kulay rosas ang daigdig. Nagmamahalan ang lahat pati mga bilihin Lalo na ang sibuyas na puti at pink. Siyempre kailangan sa magsing-irog din ay magmahalan. Love is in the air. And prices are up in the air too like chocolate and roses. I don’t know about motel rates. ( I will ask my friend MV, JN, JP AA).

I was asked by a friend if I will be writing a love story which I tackle every February. Of course, I will replay the affair of former Mabalacat Mayor Marino Morales aka Boking and Nina Manipon. Earlier Boking favorite Karaoke song was the Julio Iglesias song-TO THE GIRLS I LOVE BEFORE-but later replaced by MY LOVE WILL SEE YOU THROUGH by crooner Marco Sison. Here’s why.

Boking and Nina Manipon of Bamban tied the knot in marriage in the United States As one of their kumpares, I sincerely wished them best wishes and hopefully, just like a good ending in a romantic movie they will live happily ever after just like the story of Evita Peron. Evita is a remarkable movie with an unforgettable theme music 'Don't Cry for me Argentina'.

It's story of a pretty lass from a rural village in Argentina, Eva Duarte, who rose to prominence when fate directed her life and met Juan Peron, who became president of Argentina in the mid fourties. Juan was 48 years old and Eva was 24 when they met. Eva became the second wife to Juan Peron. Before she met Peron, Eva lived a life in abject poverty and in her teen years she escaped her rural village and moved to the big city of Buenos Aires. Slowly but surely despite with no formal education she achieved success because her beautiful face became her passport to meet well connected people in show business and in politics.

It is by no means that Boking and Nina’s love story is the same as that of Eva Duarte. But somehow I can see a little bit of similarity. Sometime ago Nina Manipon was a simple lass growing up in Bamban, her family living on a small business that seems not really enough to support all what was needed. No, her family was not living in abject poverty, but Nina wanted to reinforce the income so she applied as a waitress at the Ribeye Steak House, the restaurant then besides the PAGCOR casino in Balibago, Angeles City.

That's where Marino 'Boking' Morales discovered her. He was immediately smitten by her natural beauty, and from then on he was a regular guest of the restaurant, and his blood pressure was shooting to the roofs by consuming too many steaks and jealousy because most of the male regulars of Ribeye had an eye on the beautiful Nina. But somehow, Boking Morales has his winning ways with women. That is already known far and wide. As a matter of fact he has a long list of women whom he sired. That's no longer a secret. And when Nina acceded to the persistence of Boking Morales, they became a couple. And today they have kids of their own, adding the number of children he had with different women.

Many men, many friends who are in their senior years can relate to the life story of Boking Morales. Somehow there is a certain age in men when they will come to their senses ( and libido spiraling downwards) that it is really time to settle down, meaning settle really for good. I want to name names, kaso baka mawawalan ako ng maraming kaibigan.


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