OWNING a pet entails a huge responsibility. That includes ensuring health and growth through proper nutrition.

Pet Zoofari, Mindanao’s biggest pet shop, teamed up with leading pet food company Royal Canin for the establishment of the Royal Canin Starter Hub store.

The collaboration was launched on Tuesday, January 31.

Pet Zoofari is the first pet store in Mindanao to launch a Starter Hub, which would give new pet owners access to the right nutrition for their pets, which is a "foundation of happy and healthy pets."

Since 1968, Royal Canin has worked to make nutrition for cats and dogs. Their goal is to provide every dog and cat with the nutrition that is precisely right for their individual needs.

Christopher Bangayan, Pet Zoofari managing director, said the beloved furry pets deserve the best and they are happy to partner with Royal Canin. More than their supplier, he said the company has been their valued business partner since it opened in 2022.

"We understand the love and bond you share with your pets. That's why we're here to offer you the best by teaming up with Royal Canin --- a leading brand in pet nutrition to bring their latest innovation, the Starter Hub to our store," Bangayan said.

He said that the Starter Hub will be available at all Pet Zoofari in Davao City.

Ann Madelene Garcia, Royal Canin Philippines Pet Specialty Retail head (PSR) Pillar Head, said the Starter Hub was built not to sell at all, it’s mere function is to educate pet owners on how to properly take care of them, to understand their pet’s health and nutrition per stages of their lives.

Garcia said they want pet ownership to be taken seriously considering the majority of Filipinos have pets.

The hub's concept has been around in Metro Manila, and they want to spread it out throughout the entire country.

Thus, they selected Pet Zoofari to be their partner.

"We don't just partner with any pet shops. We want to ensure that the health and welfare of puppies and kitties are safe... Here [at Pet Zoofari], it's a check for us," Garcia said.

CD Rye Sevilla, Royal Canin Philippines PSR Sales Manager, said education is very essential for pet owners.

"Education is essential for the drive among pet owners since the quality of life and longevity are the key goals as pet parents," Sevilla said.

Kitsie Torres, Royal Canin Scientific Communication Manager, said that the early stage of pets is very crucial due to a series of physical and behavioral changes which would eventually have an impact when they age.

"Pet owners need to invest a lot of time and effort in their new pet's behavior and health from the very beginning as it will help the pet to have a long and happy life," Torres said. RGL