Pangan: On vastly improving our basic education

FOR YEARS, we have been at par with the best in the world in terms of academic achievement and excellence.

Lately, however, we have become tailender even behind Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, countries known to be not proficient in education instruction and learning. Latest international assessment tests have confirmed the poor showing of the Philippines, especially in Science and Mathematics.

Now, the reckoning has come. No less than President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos, Jr., has highlighted the glaring deficiency when he said: We have failed our children and let us not keep failing them anymore. Otherwise, we will not allow them to become the great Filipinos that we know they can be.

The budget for the department must still be increased, including the allowances and benefits of the teachers which, by all means, must be given on time to save them from loan sharks.

VP Sara deplored the fact that Filipino students are not academically proficient. Then, why not find ways to make them excel in the different aptitude levels in reading, writing and mathematics.

Other reforms need to be made: the pupil to teacher ratio should be improved, nutrition of learners should be upgraded and education materials and devices should be available at more than adequate volume.

More importantly, a massive no-holds barred review of education systems, materials and supplies, including overhaul of education officialdom should be done posthaste so that errors of the past will not be rehashed and instead, corrective measures will be in place.

* * *

I know personally of the cpability of the Filipino student and learner.

He could be proficient, if not excellent, if he be given the proper training and motivation to excel.


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