IT has always been like this – something blooms from nothing, then it becomes a good start.

Everything is a consequence of something done or created except the existence of God which has become intellectually unsolvable. God creates something from nothing. The Bible teaches, “For He commanded and they were created.”

Whereas, men start from nothing to something. So, everything that we hold dear now must have come from something.

For example, our victories in life are products of our hard work and the right decisions. They were not given to us outright.

If we have not exerted so much effort, transcended our fears and anxieties, put faith in the existence of God in our lives, and believed in ourselves, we won’t be able to savor the sweetness of triumphs in our lives.

When, at last, we receive our diploma or get promoted in our workplace, or find the love and relationship that we have waited for so long, it was because we did something right and valuable along the way. We treasured our learning, our journey, and our ups and downs.

We did not succumb to our failures and frustrations.

Confucius was right in his every word when he said, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

This is why, in the end, we find victory.

Victory is not measured by rewards or accolades.

It is measured when we find true happiness and contentment in our hearts. It may come from a simple “I believe in you” remark or a salute gesture or a hug or a sincere message. It means they value who you are and what you have done.

The love that thrives in our hearts did not come in an instant too. It must have grown from something that we cherish most, then it flourishes naturally.

It must be the confidence shown to us despite all our flaws and insecurities.

So, everything that’s happening in our lives now did not transpire entirely on its own. They start from nothing and then we start creating until we have established the situations in our lives.

Even this simple article started from nothing. I was simply trying to think of something to write when I remembered this phrase from DepEd Regional Director (RD) Allan G. Farnazo – from nothing to something.

It was the time when he challenged us to become creative and innovative.

By the way, RD Farnazo is the kind of leader who would speak his mind and heart out, whether you’ll learn or get offended because you cannot understand what’s between the lines.

So, this writing is an example of nothing to something. This blank page has been filled up. I was just thinking about what to write a few minutes earlier. Just because I remembered a phrase. Just because.

When something is left blank and empty in our life now, maybe we just have to look back and remember something once precious.

It could be something that can relieve us or it can be the start of something new.

Let us give opportunities for something to bloom from nothing. It can be new experiences that will take us to places or new learning that will make us more mature or love that will gently make us smile.

Then, we can have a good start.