THE newest cable landing station of Converge ICT Solutions Inc. in Davao City is targeted to be completed by the third quarter of 2024.

The landing station project will be for the Bifrost submarine cable system that will connect the Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia to the West Coast of the United States of America in order to deliver high-speed internet capacity to the country.

During the groundbreaking ceremony on February 22, Converge CEO Dennis Uy said that the project is worth more than $100 million and will be built on a 8,000 sqm lot. He said that Davao City is the perfect location for the project for its proximity to other countries.

“The Philippine branch of the Bifrost cable system will be landing here in Davao and as such, we’ll be bringing in the capacity and bandwidth of Bifrost to our domestic networks,” Uy said.

Using the latest technologies, Uy said the Bifrost submarine cable system will provide high-capacity, high-speed, and low-latency connectivity. He also mentioned that the total capacity going to the USA is 16 terabytes.

COO Jesus Romero also said the new cable system will have direct access to the internet since it will be connected from Davao City to California. It would also provide new capacity to replace the old existing cables in the country.

“The old cables today will soon run out of capacity, so we are looking forward and making sure that by the time it happens, we have a new one available,” Romero said in an interview.

Once the project is completed and the cable system is operating, the Bifrost cable system would have a lifespan of 25 years that aims to make the Philippines’ connectivity be at par with other developed countries.

"(Through this), we are bringing the digital gateway to the world. The more people connect to the network, you need more capacity going to other countries,” he said. ICM