THE pandemic may have closed opportunities for businesses, but the online world continues to be operational in the duration of the crisis. Thus, creating a name for itself, the gaming industry becomes a trend. To name a few; Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Garena Call of Duty – Mobile, Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), are some of the mobile games that dominated the market.

To prove it all true, I became an administrator to SaltySalad Esports, an organization and one of the pioneers in the Garena Call of Duty - Mobile since it was released in 2019. The ability to handle players in the game to participate in tournaments is fulfilling. However, most of our elders find gaming as time-consuming and ruins the lives of young people. On the contrary, it has become a leisure activity for most of us: from strategically winning the game to forming a bond and making friends.

In March 2022, I was appointed as the head of a community, RichKidz, that aims to empower aspirants and discovering potential in the industry. Along with big names on the platform, we have slowly understood our goal to expand our purpose outside the game. Recently, we extended help to random people by giving out food packs in the streets of Metro Manila.

Leaving SaltySalad Esports in October 2022, RichKidz offered me to hone my ability in managing and organizing as in-charge of its operations. The sense of volunteerism of the people in the organization collectively pictures out how we wanted to show the world how we can make a difference beyond the mobile game we play. We wanted to feature the milestones, stories of failure and defeat that will weigh heavily the reality that nobody starts at the top. Every single step matters.

Currently, mobile games are challenged to improve their services as we shift slowly to the new normal when everyone is going back to school and work. But our passion more than gaming drives us to not confine ourselves by just tapping on our screens. We have found our purpose as an organization more than just how we started it. With our tagline, “United by passion, strengthen by purpose” vividly envisions what we really want. RichKidz do not want to bring someone on the spotlight but rather bring the spotlight to them.

Kit Martin A. De Paula is a 3rd Year AB Communication student at UNO-R. He is exposed to journalism, broadcasting, and public speaking.


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